Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I'm Not a Farmer's Market Person

I went to the farmer's market yesterday. I left stressed and annoyed.
Here's why.

1. Overhyped Coffee

The line for Blue Bottle coffee (they make one cup at a time) was ridiculously long.

I waited for farmer's market coffee once and nearly had a stroke, micromanaging the barista's time with my evil eye, waiting for 2+ minutes for my single cup. AND I couldn't taste a difference. 

2.  It's really expensive.

I ended up buying potatoes but I was sort of mad at myself. Like I'd become a sellout.

My grocery store has a beautiful selection of locally sourced organic produce. So why was I not shopping there instead?

3. Not designed for shopping.
No baskets, no counter space, no personal space. People were getting slightly aggro at the checkout.

4. Final reason


Anonymous said...

Hi. You are awesome. I am going to read this one everyday. I have a blog too, but it isn't a as wonderfully cartoonarific. I feel like your drawings are really funny and sort of perfect.

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