Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday morning in Oakland

While walking my dog I saw a young black guy coming up behind us. Fast. I was about 25% alarmed.

I matched my dog's lollygagging pace, and the guy passed us. Watching his back, I put myself in a sympathetic mode. He kept looking back at us. He seemed anxious. I breathed three breaths for him.

Now about a half block ahead, he turned around.

All of a sudden, he seemed concerned about me. It was like we just built a minute of community.


Anonymous said...

Once a black guy came into a 7-11 at about ten at night and he had his hand in his pocket. I seriously freaked out and left the store while my best friend stayed behind apologizing and trying to tell them I was just mentally challenged, while the guy was all " hands were cold". It was not a proud moment. I have overcome a lot of anxiety issues since then. Thanks for being honest in your writing.

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