Sunday, February 6, 2011

All the Single Ladies - No Coats or Pillows

On a sunny winter day a new friend came over and we worked in the yard. As we excavated three months' worth of weeds, we talked about relationship stuff and she asked questions that unearthed some hibernating assumptions inside me. 

Honestly, I had sorta given up on meeting a romantic someone. She and I discussed the unnaturalness of online dating but that really, that was the best way to meet men who were also looking to connect.

My friend was so kind and complimentary that after awhile, I started to wonder why I hadn't again attempted online dating sooner. Besides the timing was good. I'd recently gone to an event where they'd taken pictures. And I now had the...

Full of confidence and optimism, I created an online profile....
...added my best picture ever
...and in the first week pretty much no responses.

I find that in situations where I feel rejected, dejected and like a complete loser the best thing to do is to compare myself unfavorably.

So I thought of my friend who had recently tried online dating and found success in a week.

After a week in the sahara, I gave up.

{Ed. note: The pictures reenacting this week - sitting on the couch eating Chicken in a Biskit crackers, then lying on the couch recovering from said crackers were too depressing to include.}

I know there's a formula to find your person. Online dating? Friends of friends? Leaving your house? All of the above? I just don't know how to crack it.

Within a few days, I began to recover. I realized it's not a black-and-white proposition: just because I'm single doesn't mean my existence has less meaning. 

The best way to describe it is this: being by myself is like sleeping without a pillow. I still have a cozy bed, but having a pillow would add a bit more cushion, comfort. 

One of my close friends is single and says all the time that she's okay being single; she loves her life. She is also my only friend that won't live anywhere that she needs to own a coat. However, she happens to love Chicago but the no-coat rule eliminates the possibility of her living there.

This reminded me, for a long time, whenever I'd stay as a guest at someone else's house, I'd always refuse a pillow: "Oh no, I don't like them. I'm really okay without one."
* * *
If I was Carrie Bradshaw (which I am gladly not and I'm sorry I have to invoke her name but I am apparently channeling her), I would say 'Are we single ladies because we have learned to live without coats and pillows?'

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mollyanna said...

Ummm yeah, great point. As a single lady, and in response to Carrie Bradshaw, maybe it is a little bit of building a shield against comfort. After a recent snow, I was shoveling my driveway for days when a neighbor said "I would offer to help, but I don't think you want help". Hmmm, kind of fits.

Christine said...

Thank you for censoring your post against us sensitive readers who would shudder against images of crackers on the couch (with artificial preservatives! the shame!). I can't imagine the horror- at least not when there's a box of mac n cheese or a bag of fun-size snickers!

sarah-anne said...

I am also a single gal, though still fairly young, and to be honest I enjoy the freedomo of what I want, when I want. Cook waht I want, decorate how I want. Spend all day playing video games if I want...

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