Sunday, September 30, 2012


Okay. I'll just acknowledge the obvious in date stamps. It's been almost a year.

Without sounding navel-gazey or self-important, my drawings in the last year have been more personal, which is kind of my shtick, but there's a fine line between personal (interesting! relatable!) and self-indulgent (my own personal problems are so interesting). Don't get me wrong, I am filling up journals like crazy with drawings that make sense to me, and help me make sense of things. But I feel like in order to cross the chasm from I-get-it to You-get-it-too, there's some forging I need to do. And I haven't felt like forging.

But in the last week, a couple of you have written and asked 'what's up with the blog?' I appreciate it. I'm taking it as a kick in the ass to start posting again (I didn't realize it until today but I kind of missed it). So let's see if there's anything to forge...


Anonymous said...

I miss it too! Looking forward to seeing if something emerges.

Cathy Tittle said...

I don't care if you post once a year or once a day, I will always amble back to see what you have offered to share. Because when I see what you write (and draw) it often feels as though I am looking in a mirror.

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