Sunday, September 4, 2011

A travel update. Truly.

I've been planning a trip to Kenya for the last few months. Much to my chagrin, I've been dwelling on it and getting organized about it. I told everyone that I was doing a 'practice pack' this weekend (Nerd. I know).

Next week, after a few sweet days in Amsterdam, my friend Molly and I will be headed to Nairobi.

We'll be volunteering for two weeks in a remote village. No electricity or running water.
I've got my vaccinations (yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis A&B, meningitis, tetanus, dip-tet, polio booster) and my anti-malaria medication.

When people ask why I'm going, I've haven't been able to put my finger on it. But one morning I drew this picture, which articulated it for me.
I'm hungry to look into a different world that seems wild to me. Even if it's only a threat to my email addiction.
I'm grateful for the opportunity of adventure - going somewhere unpredictable and unknown and seeing what I can learn.
(Right now) I look forward to finding comfort outside my zone.
I'll be back in a few weeks. Hopefully with a few tales to tell.


danielle knudson-goodwin said...

Cannot wait to see a different world through your eyes! Wishing you the safest of voyages and can't wait to hear the stories of your adventures!!!

s said...

yahoo! i can't wait to hear more :)

cath said...

I traveled to a not so wild place years ago, outside my comfort zone. It was a small hospital in the tundra of western Alaska. No way in but by plane. I spent a year there caring for Yupik (Eskimo) babies and will never forget all the adventures my friend and I had.

I wish you lots of eye popping adventures. And can't wait to hear about them!

David Mangene said...

A 'practice pack'? Sheesh Eileen, is there no end to the learnings I can gather from knowing you?

A few sweet days in Amsterdam? JA ZEKER!!!!!

Have a safe trip and I'll see you on the Prinsengracht before you know it.

ps - bring your umbrella because you're a California girl and it's been raining here since May 1st. (the wettest summer since 1906, I kid you not).


Eileen said...

@Danielle, thanks for good wishes. I am giddy at the prospect of what unknown awaits me. And what drawings will result from it.

@Cath, your adventure sounds pretty wild too. And for a YEAR. That's pretty courageous.

@David, thanks for the weather advisory. Sigh. Between the modest dress standards and mad dirt in Kenya (and the second hand khakis I've bought for the conditions), the sensible walking shoes needed and the rain in Amsterdam, this is aiming to be the frumpiest-feeling vacation yet. Starting new affirmation now: Clothes and appearance don't matter to me.

SAM said...

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