Thursday, December 23, 2010

Outsider Yogini - Busted by the Bottle

On a recent delicious day off, I had the whole day ahead of me and could do whatever I wanted.

I practice yoga mainly for the inner benefits. But going to an advanced class can make me feel outwardly insecure.

For one, my prototypical yoga ensemb doesn't include cute Lululemon togs.

And I'm not BUILT like an advanced yoga class yogini.
Typical yoga gun versus my hamhock gun
I rushed to the studio. But once I arrived, I saw lots of yoga instructors in class. I felt a bit self-conscious in my yoga outfit (let's be honest: pajamas).

As promised, the class was tough. As the room began to heat up, the familiar smells began to blossom throughout the room. But I was hanging with the advanced crew.

When we had to pair up for handstands, the woman next to me didn't want to partner. I felt like the last one picked for dodgeball. Or not picked.
"I'm not in the right state of mind to support someone else"
So, the teacher and I paired up for handstands.

When she first saw me in class she narrowed her eyes and repeated it was an advanced class. I earned slight street cred working with her; even though I was wearing pajamas and had non-lithe yoga but more hamhock guns, I still could do a strong handstand.

And I made it through 10 of the 13 backbends. I was feeling pretty good. 

When I returned from a bathroom break, the scent of the room hit me again.  I did a smell check around my mat to ensure that my failure to shower wasn't apparent.

Yoga is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. 

I learned that my late night grilled cheese the night before wasn't really a secret anymore.

But I made a good showing at the two-hour advanced class and maintained my low profile status with some dignity. I said goodbye to the teacher before I left. 

Then I remembered, the water bottle I'd just bought.


mollyanna said...

Oh, this is me everyday at the gym, well I'm pretty sure that I don't smell as good as french fries. And, this is why I don't bring a water bottle to any class!

Eileen said...

Ha ha Molly! The thing is, in the continuum of smells in yoga class I think it's preferable to smell like sweat instead of french fries. Thanks for making me feel better.

sarah-ane said...

I just found this blog through a list on the profile of another blogger. Love your homour and illustrations. will be following you

Eileen said...

Hi Sarah-ane,
Thanks for the note. I spent a few months in Vancouver a few years ago and it made me wish I was Canadian. Following back...

Christine said...

Wow, I feel out of my league here. What are you supposed to wear besides jammy/REI style duds?

Eileen said...

When I was training for a marathon, one race I ran offered to classify runners by weight - clydesdales (ahem) and gazelles. So in this yoga class, I felt like a clydesdale in a class full of gazelles.

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