Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodnight Danny

On Wednesday, I had to say goodbye to my dog Danny.
You may have seen him in a few posts...

we walked the neighborhood twice a day so he was usually my companion during my observations...

Working at home, we were together almost all the time.

So I could always pop in for a pet or a dog mindmeld. 

I'm getting used to his absence. No one bays when an ambulance goes by. There's no jingle of metal tags when I open the back door.

While I have lots of memories, I believe he'd most like me to keep intact the circle of love between our hearts, so that I can share with others. 

Good boy.

Danny aka Bubbas, Pally Panda, Danny Boy
2005 - 2011


cath said...

RIP Danny.
They leave a hole never quite filled again.
Hugs Eileen.


Eileen said...

Cath, you are right. My childhood dog still shows up in my dreams sometimes. I'm glad I got to be Danny's person for a few years. Thanks for note.

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